Why Spay or Neuter?

Spaying and Neutering Saves Lives!

Your pet will be healthier and live longer

  • prevents uterine infections and reproductive cancers in females
  • prevents testicular cance and prostate problems in males
  • reduces spraying behavior in cats

Your pet will still feel like a male or female

  • does not change your pet’s personality
  • does not change the natural instinct of protecting home & family

Your female pet won’t go into heatCat in heat

  • no more bleeding, crying, pacing, and attracting unwanted males

Your male pet won’t want to roam

  • keeps males from wanting to fight with other dogs

Helps the community

  • most dog bites to people are caused by animals that have not been fixed

Lowers the cost of a dog license in Orange County

  • $40 vs. $159 if not fixed

Your purebred dog will still be a purebred

  • spaying and neutering doesn’t change this
  • purebred dogs still end up at shelters
  • 40% of dogs impounded at OC animal shelters are chihuahuas or pit bulls

Fights pet overpopulation

  • millions of cats and dogs are put do sleep in our shelters every day
  • even if you plan to find homes for your pet’s babies, that means other babies will die without homes
  • And what about the babies of the pets you give away or sell?

Over 13,000 animals were euthanized at OC shelters in 2010