Preparing for your Pet’s Surgery

After you have scheduled your appointment with us:

  • Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations. Vaccinations can be given the day of surgery if desired.
  • If you have not microchipped your pet, this is an excellent time to do it while he or she is under anesthesia for surgery. Click here for more info.
  • Do not feed your dog or cat after 8pm the night before surgery. Water is ok. Kittens, puppies (under 6 months), and rabbits DO NOT need to be fasted.

Click here to print your surgery Authorization form

The morning of surgery:

  • Do not feed or give treats to your cat or dog. Kittens, puppies (under 6 months), and rabbits do not need to be fasted
  • Arrive between 7-8:30am. We do not admit patients after 9am
  • Fill out and bring your pet’s surgery Authorization form
  • You will sign in on our iPad kiosk and wait with your pet in your car until we contact you
  • Bring dogs on a leash and with a collar on, even if they wear a harness. For their comfort, take them out to relieve themselves before coming in
  • Cats should be in a carrier. If you have more than one cat, each cat MUST be in its own carrier
  • Rabbits should be in a cage or carrier with a small amount of food for the day

 **If you have old newspapers to recycle, we can always use them!**

When your pet is discharged:

  • We discharge surgery patients between 2-3:30pm
  • You will sign in on our ipad kiosk 
  • We close promptly at 4pm. If you arrive after 4pm, there will be an additional fee and/or your pet may have to spend the night in the hospital for an additional fee
  • If you cannot pick your pet up by 4pm, you are welcome to have a friend or family member pick them up for you
  • Your pet will be awake and able to walk but may be slightly sleepy from the anesthetic and pain medication
  • See below for detailed instructions on the post-operative care of your pet over the next week

Postoperative Care Instructions

Post Operative Instructions for Dogs

Cuidado Postoperatorio Canino

Post‐Operative Instructions for Cats

Cuidado Postoperatoria Felino

Post-Operative Instructions for Rabbits

Cuidado Postoperatoria Conejo