FAQ About Spay and Neuter

When should I have my pet fixed?
At Pro Pet Fix we recommend spaying or neutering between 4-6 months of age. The minimum age is 4 months for dogs and cats, and 6 months for rabbits.

What is the recovery time?Bunny
About a week.

Should I let my pet come into heat once before spaying?
No. Spaying before the first heat decreases the chances of uterine infection and certain cancers

Can a pet be spayed when she is in heat?
Yes. Here at Pro Pet Fix our surgeons specialize in spay surgeries and take extra care with the more difficult condition of being in heat. There may be an additional charge

Can I have my pet spayed while she is pregnant?
Yes, but the surgery can be more difficult. Because of this there is an additional charge.

Will my pet get fat after surgery?
The majority do not, but it can increase the ability to gain weight if your pet does not get regular exercise. In addition, as animals mature, they need fewer calories per pound to support their metabolism, especially if they aren’t as active

My pet just had a litter, how long before she can be spayed?
The puppies/kittens should be weaned (6-8 weeks of age). The mother’s milk should be dry, which happens 10-14 days after she stops nursing.

How long is a dog/cat pregnant?
58-63 days.

How long after my cat has kittens can she go into heat?
It’s variable, but often near the time of weaning, around 2-3 months after delivery.

How can I tell if my dog/cat is in heat?
Dogs may drip blood from the vulva, have a swollen vulva, and attract male dogs. Cats have behavior changes, including meowing, holding tail high, and rolling around. Cats do not bleed.

Is there a health risk of surgery for older pets?
Older animals (over 7 or 8 years) may have problems with their liver or kidneys, which are essential to processing general anesthesia. It is better to screen for problems by a blood test before surgery in order to make anesthesia safer. We can help you decide whether blood tests are necessary.

Does the surgery hurt my pet?
No. Animals are unconscious and cannot feel anything during surgery.

Should my pet have pain medication to take home?
At the time of surgery, every pet is given a pain-relieving injection. Our surgery price for dogs also includes medication for pain for you to take home after surgery. Medication for cats and rabbits is available for an additional charge. We now carry Onsior™ pain control chewables for cats.

Will my pet be able to walk after surgery?

Will my pet need an E-collar (cone) after surgery?
For dogs, yes.

When can I bathe my pet after surgery?
Wait at least 7 days to prevent the incision from opening.

Can my female get pregnant after surgery?

Can my male reproduce after the surgery?
Yes, males can be fertile for up to 6 weeks after neutering

Are there fake testicles for male dogs?
Yes, they are called Neuticles. We can implant them at the time of surgery. You would need to purchase the Neuticles directly as there are several sizes and options Click here for more information about Neuticles