Recuvyra: 4 days of pain control in a single dose

An amazing breakthrough in pain control for dogs

Nobody likes to take pills, especially dogs! Fortunately for pet owners we now offer the newest product available for post-operative pain control.

Recuvyra™ provides 4 days of pain control in a single dose. It is applied to your dog after surgery, in our office. It is absorbed through the skin within 5 minutes and gradually absorbs into the bloodstream.


  • no pills to give!
  • superior opioid pain control
  • minimal discomfort at incision site

Side effects:

  • decreased activity due to sleepiness
  • decreased appetite


  • Dogs under 25 lbs. $40
  • Dogs 26-50 lbs. $60
  • Dogs 50-75 lbs. $80
  • Dogs over 75 lbs. $100

Call us for more information about Recuvyra™  for your dog’s surgery today!