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Is my dog at risk for Dog Flu?

What is Dog Flu? In 2004 a new strain of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) H3N8 was identified after a severe outbreak of respiratory illness at a Greyhound racing facility in Florida. It is believed to have jumped from another species, most likely horses. Dog flu cannot be spread to people. Since then, sporadic outbreaks have occurred…

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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Q. With all the media coverage of Pit Bull attacks, I feel like I should be cautious whenever I see one. Are Pit Bulls really more aggressive than other dogs? A. If you’re talking about aggression towards people, the answer is no. Looking at the data tells us that the incidence of dog bites is…

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Neuticles: yes there really are fake testicles for dogs (and cats!)

As a shelter veterinarian, I always laughed when people asked me about fake testicles for dogs. But in private practice, I actually have people ask me about them quite a bit. And I recently implanted my first pair. The results were… well, testacular! First, a little bit about Neuticles. They come in 8 sizes for…

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The true meaning of fixing your pet

Lots of us know that spaying and neutering helps pet overpopulation. Aside from that, people always ask me why they should bother spaying or neutering their pets. My question back is usually “Why wouldn’t you?” If they tell me they are planning on breeding their pet, ok, that’s a totally different discussion. But if you’re…

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